Meet Becka

Hi, I am Becka…

An intuitive channel, healer, psychic medium and awakening guide. I am a mama, a painter and an off-grid tiny house dweller. My heart is here to serve others as a beacon, a teacher, a space holder, a healer. I am here to witness and hold you amplified, in unconditional love, as you reconnect to the infinite wisdom that resides within.

Awakened in infancy, my chaotic and highly sensitive human journey has lead me through the darkest regions of hopelessness and back to surrender into grace. Through 20 years of active healing I am now empowered with a body, alive with post traumatic wisdom. I bring a compassionate trauma informed approach to holding sacred space, inspired by my own living ceremony and dedication to a fully activated life. Evolving continuously within my own healing and expansion, I forever remain devoted to walking the way of unconditional love. To live and lead my life connected, authentic and clear so I may be of the highest service to others.

I am here to help hearts break free and become exalted in the breath of life, that is, right now.

Life is magic. It is everyday. It is possible.

It already is.

Many Blessings. I welcome you with gratitude at the doors of my temple.

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

“Becka has given me real tools for tuning into my inner wisdom and listening to and trusting my intuition. All the answers and solutions lie there. Who knew that this would be the greater source of my healing. Working with Becka has helped me to connect to my higher wisdom and align me with my purpose as a healer in this world.”

– Edina Tree

Sessions with me …

Clarity / Vision / Guidance / Seance and Spirits / Healing / Training

Sessions with me will always begin with an energetic check in, a grounding if needed, and a setting of intention. If you are looking for inspiring guidance, empowerment, healing, connection, fun and everyday ways of connecting and working with your energy… I am your channel.

I work with everyday magik. Yes – there can be ritual and I do love crystals and elementals, earth energy, tarot, oracle, prayer and many other tools… however I enter my sessions with the intention to empower you to walk your highest path. It is you who must do the walking. I am the guide, the rest spot, the wizard in the woods, the piece of the map you were missing. Most of all, I pledge to serve your highest purpose. I am compassionate but direct.

In my healing Sessions, I carry you, amplified in love light, through a journey of light healing. Past lives, this life, the akash, all bodies or planes (physical, mental and spiritual) can be journeyed through. Working with my guides and mentoring ascendant masters we weave healing and light through you. Many miraculous things have occurred during these sessions, but most assuredly you will leave the session deeply grounded, open, more balanced and well protected. 

I am also very fond of channelling as a medium. Connecting loved ones passed with those here grieving is an amazing blessing. I used to be very afraid of this gift, but now I see it as an amazing privilege. I have connected with so many beautiful stories of love and have learned so much through these beautiful and healing sessions.

If you are feeling called to catalyze your awakening, connect to your intuition and learn practical skills to harness your divine gifts, Infinity School is for you.

Join me for a free 30 minute consult and together we can find the aligned path forward.