intuitive guidance

Join me for a 90 minutes session to gain clarity, empowerment and actionable steps you can take as you move in the direction of manifesting your dreams and achieving your highest timeline.

Throughout these sessions, I connect my Higher Self to your Higher Self, and we commune in seeking for your highest good. Together as one, with our guides and angels and mentors, we co-create the courage of open heartedness and reveal an omniscient perspective.

Anything is possible on our journey together as I employ all of my gifts in these sessions, by the end 90 minutes you will have been brought on a magical and inspiring adventure, weaved with the wisdom of your higher self and you supportive ancestors and guides.

I am here to help hearts break free and become exalted in the breathe of life, that is, right now.

Life is magic. It is everyday. It is possible.

It already is.

Many Blessings.

Book – Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance – Clarity, Empowerment, Action

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“Becka’ sessions are empowering and clear. I wasn’t sure where to go next in my life, after experiencing a dramatic breakup. I was raw and vulnerable, but Becka instantly made me feel at peace. By the end of the session I felt as though I was given a map beyond the next best steps and a homework book to help get there.
I am truly grateful.”

— Sarah Hartfield