Intuitive Healing / Energetic Healing

Each 60 minute healing session begins with a conversation to connect our energies and settle you into the process, grounded and receptive. From there, I connect into your consciousness matrix, and with my unwavering love light I carry you through a journey of healing. Past lives, this life, all bodies or planes (physical, mental, and spiritual) can be journeyed through as we seek the areas that are longing for healing and connection. Working with my guides and mentoring ascendent masters we weave healing light through you. Many miraculous things have occurred during these sessions, but most assuredly you will leave the session deeply grounded, open, more balanced and protected.

I am able to work on issues that are physical, mental or spiritual. And have seen many people release areas of pain, discomfort and illness through our work together. Not all healings can be accomplished in one session, it really depends on what you are looking to overcome or integrate.

Nothing special needs to be prepared for these sessions, I only ask that you are somewhere comfortable and are able to take a relaxing hour after.

I am here to help hearts break free and become exalted in the breathe of life, that is, right now.

Life is magic. It is everyday. It is possible.

It already is.

Many Blessings.

Book – Intuitive Healing

Peace, grounding, balance, relief