These are my most cherished sessions. I love channelling as a medium. Connecting loved ones passed with those here grieving is an amazing blessing. I used to be very afraid of this gift, but now I see it as an amazing privilege. I have connected with so many beautiful stories of love and have learned so much through these beautiful and healing one hour sessions. You will also receive an audio or video recording of our session.

Throughout these 60 minute sessions it is possible to connect with more than one spirit, although I do not have control over what energies wish to come forward. It can be helpful for you to hold or bring a long an object or two from the person you are trying to connect with, as it helps to invite connection. I can also connect to pets – and even sometimes plants! We really do not have any idea how our connection to others, including the plant world, resonates!

I am also available for in person and online group sessions please reach out to discuss possibilities.

Life is magic. It is everyday. It is possible.

It already is.

Many Blessings.


Connect with loved ones, pets, ancestors, Angels