Welcome, sweet Soul. I am grateful you are here.

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“Infinity school found me at a time I consider to be a very challenging period in my life. I had just been diagnosed with PTSD and was making a career and lifestyle pivot. I was feeling quite stuck and unsure of myself. Becka helped me to lean into my inner knowing and affirmed so many things I felt and believed about myself but had previously abandoned. I found great peace through Becka and infinity schools teachings which gave me the courage to go after a truly fullfilling and joyful life. I can’t even properly put into words the shift in my mindset and state of being. I am overall more relaxed, less reactive and experience great joy in the simplest moments of life. I truly feel as though I am enough and I have enough – these are not beliefs I had prior to infinity school. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone looking to form a deeper connection with spirituality, themselves and others.
Prepare for a profound transformation.

— Sarah Tibbets, PEI Canada

I am Becka

An intuitive channel, healer, psychic medium and awakening guide. I am a mama, a painter and an off-grid tiny house dweller. My heart is here to serve others as a beacon, a teacher, a space holder, a healer. I am here to witness and hold you amplified, in unconditional love, as you reconnect to the infinite wisdom that resides within.

Awakened in infancy, my chaotic and highly sensitive human journey has lead me through the darkest regions of hopelessness and back to surrender into grace.

I am here to helps hearts break free and become exalted in the breathe of life that is, right now. Life is magic. It is everyday. It is possible. It already is.

Clarity / Vision / Séance / Healing / Training

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